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We Make it Easy for You with the Memoria® Leaf Spring Activated Palatal Expander

Many children who have cross-bite issues or a lack of room inside the mouth for developing teeth to properly erupt can be effectively treated with palatal expanders. This is a frequently utilized technique to help correct very common orthodontic concerns, and our experienced orthodontist has been treating patients with palatal expanders for many years. While palatal expanders in the past have been very effective, some types of expanders have caused discomfort due to the force and pressure necessary to achieve the best possible results. Fortunately, technology is moving at a very fast pace in the field of orthodontics, and Cuozzo Orthodontic Specialists is excited to offer a new option for our patients that can resolve some of the drawbacks inherent in previous types of palatal expanders.

The Memoria® Leaf Spring Activated Palatal Expander offers a number of benefits for both patients and parents alike. This orthodontic appliance is a small device outfitted with either two or three nickel titanium Memoria® leaf springs. It’s innovative design allows the expander to provide a calibrated and continuous release of pressure, which can ultimately serve to reduce the stress of at-home turning that many patients and parents face. Plus, the continuous force is known to be lighter and less uncomfortable for patients.

A week after the expander is placed, the spring is activated in our office. There is no need for at-home activation. The expander is reactivated as necessary every four weeks at a short office visit. Recently, we received a comment from one of our patients’ parents that read: “It would be helpful to parents to have an in-office ‘practice head’ to practice turning the key on palate expanders. It is nerve-racking for the person doing the turning.” We are listening intently to all comments and concerns expressed by our patients and parents, which is why we began using the spring-activated expander.

If you would like more information on the new Memoria® Leaf Spring Activated Palatal Expander and other orthodontic treatments, or if you would like to schedule a consultation to talk more about this technique, please contact us today!

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