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The Cuozzo Brand of Orthodontics – A Team Approach to High-Quality Care

The rising number of people who seek orthodontic treatment translates to numerous choices when it comes to orthodontic offices that can fulfill their needs. With this in mind, two of the most prominent aspects of Cuozzo Orthodontic Specialists that make our practice stand out is our unique story and the team approach to providing high-quality care we employ with every patient who walks through our doors.

Cuozzo Orthodontic Specialists is part of a legacy that has quite literally provided generations of straight teeth and successful correction of orthodontic concerns. Our lead orthodontist, Dr. Pat Cuozzo, continued in the footsteps of his father, who opened the doors of the practice in 1972. Once Dr. Pat took the reins, he kept the tradition of surrounding himself with extensively trained, skilled, and caring professionals to form a team singularly devoted to creating the best possible experience for our patients. Our comprehensive team approach allows us to provide genuinely personalized care in a comfortable, family-like environment. It also involves utilizing the latest technologies, embracing new techniques designed to produce more efficient orthodontic treatment and effective results, and giving adults and adolescents alike more options to choose from when it comes to procedures that serve their needs, budget, and lifestyle.

High-quality orthodontic treatment is truly a team approach, from the orthodontist who will be creating and implementing your treatment plan to the dental assistants and patient care coordinators who are committed to helping you achieve your goals from the first appointment to the last follow-up visit. The Cuozzo Brand of Orthodontics is a collaborative effort between you and our team to improve the aesthetics of your teeth and the function of your bite as comfortably and successfully as possible so that the next time you open your mouth to smile, you do so with more confidence than ever!

If you would like to learn more about our treatment options or what you can expect from your experience with Cuozzo Orthodontic Specialists, please don’t hesitate to contact us today.

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