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Dr. Pat Educating Dental Professionals and Public Groups

Dr. Patrick Cuozzo has earned a reputation as a top New Jersey orthodontist by committing himself to ongoing education and offering his patients the most advanced care available. He has long been known in the professional community through various teaching appointments and for his contributions to research. As of late, Dr. Cuozzo has expanded his audience to include organized public groups like the Parent Teacher Association. He explains, “I believe that educating parents on the correction of teeth misalignment and the benefits of good oral hygiene can truly help them to understand common dental issues and put them at ease. Parents want the best for their children and can be intimidated when presented with a host of options for their orthodontic treatment. I hope that providing non-technical explanations in a comfortable setting will serve as a forum for parents to ask “real” questions and share their experiences with each other. Helping parents make informed decisions will lead them to the best professionals in our field.”

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