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Dr. Mehreen Merchant is Now Certified By the American Board of Orthodontics!

 Dr. MehreenWe are very excited and proud to announce that our very own Dr. Mehreen Merchant has earned certification by the American Board of Orthodontics! This prestigious credential is not required of all orthodontists. In fact, it is indicative of an individual who has gone above and beyond the standard educational requirements to become an orthodontist and has voluntarily made an even more pronounced commitment to the specialty. 

Why Is Certification By the American Board of Orthodontics Important?

ABO board-certification is a credential that involves a voluntary step taken by orthodontists who have already completed the necessary graduate education and training in orthodontics. These doctors strive to become even more proficient in the specialty and to embrace a lifelong commitment to continuing orthodontic education. Orthodontists who seek certification by the American Board of Orthodontics must pass an intensive national exam and present specific cases to an appointed board of senior orthodontists. They must also renew their certification every 10 years. ABO certification is a strong indication that an orthodontist has completed extensive additional training and education in orthodontics—and will continue to do so—and that the doctor has made a full commitment to providing exceptionally high standards of care. 

Dr. Mehreen has been delivering excellent care to our patients here at Cuozzo Orthodontic Specialists for quite a while, and this recent accomplishment is further proof of her dedication to providing all of our patients with advanced orthodontic treatment and effective, even life-changing solutions to their orthodontic concerns. We congratulate Dr. Mehreen on her ABO board-certification and we are so happy to have her on our team! 

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