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Dr. Cuozzo Presents at Prestigious International Lecture Series

The Alexander Discipline is a scientifically-backed system of orthodontics designed to straighten teeth in a more comfortable and aesthetically-pleasing manner. As a steadfast believer and user of the innovative braces system, our own Dr. Patrick Cuozzo was invited by Dr. Wick Alexander – the inventor of the Alexander Discipline – to speak at the renowned Alexander International Symposium in Arlington, TX. This bi-annual lecture series is attended by orthodontists and dental professionals from all over the world and is intended to aid in continuing education for the enhancement of orthodontic care internationally.

In addition to covering the Alexander Discipline, the Alexander International Symposium also focuses on a wide range of other advanced orthodontic treatments and techniques. Dr. Cuozzo’s lecture focused specifically on ankylosed permanent front teeth in growing patients (generally ages 13-16) and how to avoid the traumatic experience that may result from losing one or both front teeth. He highlighted the importance of patients being seen by a dental professional within 30 minutes if a tooth is knocked out due to trauma. In his presentation, he explained that if the patient is not seen immediately for replantation, the tooth could become ankylosed. If a tooth becomes ankylosed (meaning it has bonded with the bone), extraction of the tooth – or even surrounding teeth – may be necessary.

Overall, Dr. Cuozzo felt very honored and privileged to be asked to be a part of something so important in the world of orthodontics, and he is very grateful to have had the opportunity to share his knowledge and expertise.

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