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Advantages of Taking Tooth Impressions With iTero™


Most people who have had impressions taken of their teeth at one time or another will likely attest to the fact that the experience is less than enjoyable. Perhaps the most common reason for this popular conviction can be attributed to the messy, putty-like molds that often trigger a gagging reflex while being held in the mouth for about 5-10 minutes at a time.

In an effort to improve this undesirable experience and remain at the innovative forefront of orthodontics, I’ve become one of the first orthodontists in my area to utilize iTero™ technology for tooth impressions prior to Invisalign® treatments. With iTero™, I can scan each tooth utilizing a light and air-driven wand that sends a precise digital impression to a chairside monitor. Not only is this process typically more comfortable, but the precision of the digital impression can ultimately help me design more effective, better-fitting aligners for your Invisalign® treatment. Some other key advantages of this innovative technology are listed below.

  • No trays or messy molds are used
  • It can greatly reduce the gagging reflex
  • It provides an unprecedented level of precision
  • Impression retakes are rarely necessary
  • It can simulate a customized image of potential Invisalign® results

In the end, using the iTero™ system for tooth impressions is as easy as taking a picture of your tooth.

Dr. Patrick Cuozzo

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