braces lingualUnfortunately, many people do not seek orthodontic treatment because they are afraid of being seen in public wearing traditional metal braces. However, lingual braces offer you the opportunity to achieve the same teeth-straightening results – without anyone knowing! Our experienced orthodontist, Dr. Pat Cuozzo, offers these advanced options for patients who would like to keep their orthodontic treatment as discreet as possible.

Benefits of Using Lingual Braces

Lingual braces are attached to the back of your teeth as opposed to the front. They work the same way as traditional braces, using brackets and wires to pull your teeth into a better, straighter position. Since the brackets are affixed behind your teeth, lingual braces are not visible to others. We use state-of-the-art technology to custom-fit your lingual braces for the most comfortable results possible.

The primary benefit of lingual braces is the fact that no one else can see them as you are undergoing treatment. Another advantage: lingual braces can be a better orthodontic alternative for those who frequently engage in contact sports or play wind instruments. Dr. Pat will meet with you for an initial consultation and evaluate your teeth to determine if lingual braces are the best option for your needs.

Lingual Braces Procedure

Dr. Pat will first take impressions of your teeth. The impressions will be sent to a dental laboratory where professionals will create customized brackets and wires using advanced design technology. Once the lingual braces are completed and sent to our practice, Dr. Pat will strategically bond the lingual braces onto the backs of your teeth at your next appointment. Periodically, Dr. Pat will schedule follow-up office visits to check on and adjust the braces. During these office visits you are encouraged to provide feedback about your progress.

To learn more about lingual braces, or if you would like to see if you would be a good candidate, please contact our New Jersey orthodontics practice.