PD10-003_LR_Cauc_Woman_w_AlignerInvisalign® clear teeth aligners are one of the most popular treatments available to correct common orthodontic issues and give patients a beautiful new smile. Like any orthodontic treatment option, Invisalign® can be a valuable investment in both the health and appearance of your teeth, and its cost typically compares favorably to traditional braces.

The price of Invisalign® is contingent upon the overall length of treatment time and the extent of treatment necessary for each patient’s unique needs. If your insurance plan offers coverage for orthodontics, you are covered for Invisalign®. Dr. Pat Cuozzo also offers a number of payment options to help make the cost of Invisalign® treatment as convenient as possible.

Once Dr. Pat meets with you for a consultation and decides that Invisalign® is the best option for your goals, he will create a customized treatment plan. As opposed to a general dentist who offers orthodontic treatments, Dr. Pat is an orthodontic specialist – he sees hundreds of patients each year and is the best-qualified to determine whether Invisalign®, braces, or other orthodontic options can provide the most successful results. He will not push Invisalign® on you if he thinks it may not be best for your needs. Dr. Pat firmly believes that optimal orthodontic results come from choosing the right orthodontist to perform the procedure.

Once you have been evaluated and your treatment plan has been designed, our office will be able to give you an overall cost estimate for Invisalign®. We will also be happy to contact your insurance provider at that time to determine coverage, or work with you to come up with the payment method that is most convenient for your needs.

If you have questions about the costs of Invisalign®, or if you would like to schedule a consultation with Dr. Pat, please contact Cuozzo Orthodontic Specialists today.