AlexanderOrtho1-300x107Developed from over 40 years of orthodontic research, the Alexander Discipline is one of the most studied and successful methods in orthodontics today. It is a set of beliefs combined to improve the teeth straightening process, typically offering more efficient and predictable results. Our Monmouth County orthodontist and his experienced team have long been implementing the Alexander Discipline’s braces technique here at our practice, and have seen improved accuracy in tooth alignment, less patient discomfort, and better long-term results.

Benefits of the Alexander Discipline

The Alexander Discipline uses an alternative to traditional braces that is smaller and has lighter wires. Plus, the forces used to move the teeth into a straighter position are less than those used in the traditional braces treatment. As a result, the braces tend to be more comfortable and attractive.

Furthermore, the Alexander Discipline employs greater distances between brackets in comparison to traditional braces. These elongated inter-bracket distances allow for the patient to have fewer wire changes, ultimately translating into fewer visits to the office over the course of the treatment process. We realize our patients have busy schedules, and this unique aspect of the Alexander Discipline can help to increase the convenience of office visits for both patients and parents, while also improving the efficiency of the treatment itself.

Years of scientific studies, as well as many of our own patient cases, have shown to have a faster teeth straightening process and better long-term results with the Alexander Discipline. With the combined efforts of both patient and doctor in braces and oral care, the advanced system can provide superior results and a more comfortable, less noticeable treatment process.

If you would like to learn more about the Alexander Discipline, or if you would like to schedule an appointment, please contact Cuozzo Orthodontic Specialists.