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When Is the Correct Time for My Child to Start Orthodontic Treatment?

When it comes to orthodontics for children, it’s often best to begin treatment early in order to prevent worse problems from occurring later in life. Children should be seen by eight years of age for a comprehensive evaluation. After this exam, if your child does not need early intervention orthodontic appliances, our orthodontist will monitor the loss of baby teeth to assess the correct time to begin orthodontic treatment. If braces are ultimately necessary, this can ensure he or she wears them for the least amount of time possible. With that in mind, while appliances to make room for permanent teeth or to correct jaw alignment may be necessary for some children, it is rare that actual braces need to be placed at age eight or nine for the correction of misaligned teeth. In fact, aligning teeth with braces at such an early age may ultimately damage the roots of the teeth. Once Dr. Pat Cuozzo has evaluated your child, he can talk with you about your options if orthodontic treatment is recommended.

Summer is often a great time to make an appointment for an orthodontic evaluation because, if treatment is indicated, time will not have to be taken off of school for the first few appointments. If braces will be required, your child has the relaxing days of summer to get accustomed to the appliances and perfect their oral hygiene technique.

Orthodontic procedures performed in early stages of your child’s development can significantly reduce the risk of serious concerns later in life. If you have questions about orthodontics for children, or if you would like to schedule an evaluation, please contact us today!

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