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Dr. Cuozzo recently lectured at the Alexander International Symposium, a biannual meeting where orthodontists from around the world can share information about innovative treatments and techniques.

Lincroft, NJ – Dr. Patrick T. Cuozzo, a New Jersey orthodontist, says he strives to remain at the forefront of orthodontics in order to provide his patients the most effective care available. By using a technique known as the Alexander Discipline, Dr. Cuozzo is able to improve the position of his patients’ teeth while also precisely controlling tooth alignment, ultimately yielding the best possible long-term results in a relatively short period of time.

The Alexander Discipline is an alternative system of orthodontics theoretically similar to the Damon® system. The Discipline utilizes a different type of brace, incorporating lighter forces and lighter wires that are designed to be smaller, more comfortable, and cosmetically more attractive. Dr. Cuozzo highlights that while the Damon® system is tremendously marketed, there is actually very little scientific proof for the system’s accuracy and the long-term stability of the results. On the contrary, he notes that a host of published articles have proven the Alexander Discipline’s long-term stability and success, which is also backed by years of scientific study.

As a testament to his dedication, Dr. Cuozzo was personally asked by Dr. Wick Alexander – innovator of the Alexander Discipline – to speak at the biannual Alexander International Symposium. The symposium, comprised of two days worth of lecture series, was held in Arlington, Texas. “For an orthodontist, being asked to speak at the Alexander International Symposium is like going to the Super Bowl,” says Dr. Cuozzo.

During his lecture, Dr. Cuozzo delivered a talk on ankylosed permanent front teeth in a growing patient. The lecture focused primarily on the trauma a child experiences when they have a tooth knocked out, and the importance of timely treatment. He cautions that if the patient does not see a dental professional within 30 minutes of the accident, the likelihood of the tooth becoming fused to the bone during the healing process significantly rises. If the replaced tooth does become stuck to the bone, the tooth ultimately cannot be saved and will need to be extracted. For teenage patients, he says the cosmetic impact of a missing tooth can be a traumatic experience.

This year is the first year Dr. Cuozzo was asked to speak at the Alexander International Symposium. He says speaking to his peers is a tremendous honor, adding that he feels privileged to be considered a leader in orthodontics and given the opportunity to teach others. Dr. Cuozzo, thinking of the many New Jersey orthodontics patients that have benefited from the Alexander Discipline and other techniques discussed in the lecture series, thanks Dr. Alexander for the invitation to the symposium and for Dr. Alexander’s years of hard work developing his innovative treatment method.

About Patrick T. Cuozzo, DDS, PA

Dr. Patrick Cuozzo
earned his degree at the University of Maryland Dental School. He is a board-certified orthodontist and serves as a clinical instructor on the orthodontics faculty at the University of Pennsylvania School of Dental Medicine. At his practice, Dr. Cuozzo offers a variety of child and adult orthodontic treatments ranging from traditional braces and lingual braces, to the Alexander Discipline and Invisalign®. He is available for interview upon request.