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Patient of the Month

01 Aug

Megan’s transformation happened in just one phase and lasted two years, beginning at age 11. This proves a little patience goes a long way. Give it up for another radiant Cuozzo Smile!!

06 Jul

Katie was treated in one phase, which began at age 10, and wore braces for 2 years. Katie was an excellent elastic wearer, which helped to give her a beautiful Cuozzo smile.

01 Jun

Paige underwent two phases of treatment. She started at age 8 with a palatal expander and then at 12 wore braces for two years. Let’s all give her a big round of applause for her beautiful Cuozzo smile!

03 Apr

Ryan was treated with 2 phases of orthodontics. He started with a palatal expander at age 9 and at age 12 braces were placed to align his teeth and adjust the bite. Ryan wore braces for two years. He now has an amazing Cuozzo smile which will be preserved by wearing retainers every night.

01 Mar

Edward’s treatment was completed in two phases. He started out with a palatal expander when he was 8 years old which corrected his cross-bite and made room for the upper permanent teeth to come in. In phase two, Edward wore braces for 24 months to achieve this stellar Cuozzo smile. Welcome to the club Edward!