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Patient of the Month

03 Jan

Madison was first seen at age 8, however no early treatment was indicated. At age 11, she started orthodontic treatment with fixed braces for 24 months. Madison is now thrilled to show off her new Cuozzo smile!

04 Dec

Gwyneth was treated in 2 phases. At age 7 she started with a fixed palatal expander followed by a removable retainer specialized to help stop a thumb sucking habit. Then at age 11 she wore fixed braces for 2 years. Way to go Gwyneth!! Now you’re ready to go out and show off that dazzling Cuozzo smile!!

01 Aug

Megan’s transformation happened in just one phase and lasted two years, beginning at age 11. This proves a little patience goes a long way. Give it up for another radiant Cuozzo Smile!!