There's No SmileLike a Cuozzo Smile

Patient of the Month

05 May

Ronald’s transformation took a total of 28 months. He underwent fixed orthodontic appliances on both his upper and lower teeth. Here is another great example of a radiant Cuozzo smile!

01 Apr
bna_ nancy_cropped

Nancy’s two year treatment included fixed orthodontic appliances on top and bottom. An implant replaced a missing tooth on the upper right side and a veneer was placed on the upper left . Hard work sure does pay off as Nancy now has a beautiful Cuozzo smile!

01 Mar

Caroline’s transformation took only 2 years. During that time she had a palate widener and wore upper and lower braces. The last phase required using elastics on her upper braces to correct her overbite. Caroline was a real trooper and now she has a beautiful Cuozzo smile!

01 Feb

Charley’s treatment took a total of two years. During that time she wore fixed braces on her upper and lower teeth to align her smile. The result is a dazzling Cuozzo smile. Congratulations Charley!!

01 Jan

Shane went through two phases of treatment with a palatal expander on his upper jaw with braces on his lower teeth. Six months into his treatment Shane started to wear braces on his upper teeth to correct his bite along with elastics. Shane’s amazing Cuozzo smile is something he can be very proud of!!

01 Dec

Noelle spent 24 months wearing fixed upper and lower braces. These helped to level and align her teeth while closing the space between them. She also wore archwires with elastics to open up and adjust her bite. Noelle is ready to spread holiday cheer with her dazzling Cuozzo smile!