There's No SmileLike a Cuozzo Smile

Patient of the Month

01 Mar

Edward’s treatment was completed in two phases. He started out with a palatal expander when he was 8 years old which corrected his cross-bite and made room for the upper permanent teeth to come in. In phase two, Edward wore braces for 24 months to achieve this stellar Cuozzo smile. Welcome to the club Edward!

26 Oct

Nolan’s overcrowding was carefully monitored without placing braces 4 permanent teeth over were extracted as they erupted. He then wore full fixed orthodontic appliances for two years to achieve his signature Cuozzo smile!

13 Sep

Chris’ single phase alignment was complete in just 24 months. To maintain his stellar Cuozzo Smile for years to come, he wears his retainers each night. Congratulations to Chris on his smile transformation!

01 Aug

Ava underwent two phases of treatment to achieve her beautiful smile. First she wore a palate widener at age 9 and then braces starting at age 11 for two years. Ava wears retainers on the top and bottom every night to keep her smile looking just as it did the day she got her braces off. Here is another great example of a dazzling Cuozzo smile!