Our Mission

At Cuozzo Orthodontics, we create beautiful smiles by providing the finest orthodontic experience for people of all ages.

The Real Face of Cuozzo Orthodontics

The Cuozzo family’s commitment to excellence in dental care spans three generations, starting in 1931 when Dr. Pat’s grandfather Dr. Pasquale Cuozzo graduated from Georgetown University. With Dr. Pat’s father, two uncles, an aunt and a brother-in-law also in the dental profession, his family has a legacy of improving the lives of countless families all over New Jersey.

Established in 1972 by Dr. Pat’s father, board-certified orthodontist and former NFL quarterback Dr. Gary Cuozzo, Cuozzo Orthodontics has become a major force in the orthodontic health of Central New Jersey. In 1997, Dr. Patrick Cuozzo joined the family practice. Father and son worked side by side to successfully build it into a source for the most advanced methodology in orthodontic treatment.

imgAboutPracticeAt Cuozzo Orthodontics, our emphasis is not only on healthy teeth, but also on the overall dentofacial development of your child. As a fully licensed orthodontist in Monmouth County, Dr. Pat is a specialist in the correction of teeth and jaw alignment. Orthodontics goes beyond the basics of general dentistry to focus on the ways in which a child’s face grows during puberty. A board-certified orthodontist can help you distinguish between truly effective forms of treatment and “quick-fix” procedures, as well as explain the difference between genuine research and false claims that are not supported by the American Association of Orthodontics.

At Cuozzo Orthodontics, we offer our clients a range of braces and appliances to fit any need, including advanced orthodontics for patients in their late teens and adult years. Cuozzo Orthodontics also offers complimentary visits for new patients.

Many patients believe that they must have a referral from their regular dentist in order to be treated by an orthodontist; however, this is not the case. Dr. Pat will be happy to schedule an appointment with patients who do not have a referral.

Please contact Cuozzo Orthodontic Specialists for more information, or to schedule an appointment.

Meet Our Team

I had an amazing experience with Cuozzo Orthodontic. Dr. Pat and his staff are so friendly and kind. They always greet you with a warm smile and ask how your day is going. Throughout my two years, my family and I never had a single problem. My teeth look amazing and it’s all because of Dr. Pat!

Kayla Smith

September 07, 2017