There's No SmileLike a Cuozzo Smile

Patient of the Month

01 Oct

Ryan wore fixed orthodontic appliances for two years to help level and align his smile. Dr. Cuozzo also had Ryan wear elastics to correct his bite. Ryan put in the time and is super excited about showing off his fantastic Cuozzo smile.

01 Sep

Liam spent two years in fixed upper and lower braces. He bravely underwent surgery to fix the exposure to his upper right cuspid and finished up the treatment with elastic bands to adjust his bite. Liam now has a really cool Cuozzo smile that he can show off all over town!!

01 Aug

Carolee’s total treatment time was 24 months. During the first phase of the process Carolee wore a palate widener on her upper teeth while wearing fixed lower braces. In phase two she started wearing fixed upper braces and finished up with elastics to correct her bite. Carolee can now greet her family and friends with a beautiful Cuozzo smile!

01 Jul

Anna’s sophisticated smile is the result of wearing fixed upper and lower braces for two years. Anna also wore elastic bands to level and align her bite. Her Cuozzo smile is the stuff of legends!

01 Jun

Alex underwent 20 months of orthodontic treatment. He had fixed upper and lower braces and wore elastics to correct the overbite. Alex is ready to take on the world with his awesome Cuozzo smile!

01 May

Roza was one of our “early phase treatment” patients. She received a palatal expander and a nightbrace at age 7 to address her underbite. At age 10 Roza was treated with full fixed orthodontic appliances and wore elastics to further correct the underbite. Five years later, she has a beautiful Cuozzo Smile to show off!