There's No SmileLike a Cuozzo Smile

Patient of the Month

01 Jul

Anna’s sophisticated smile is the result of wearing fixed upper and lower braces for two years. Anna also wore elastic bands to level and align her bite. Her Cuozzo smile is the stuff of legends!

01 Jun

Alex underwent 20 months of orthodontic treatment. He had fixed upper and lower braces and wore elastics to correct the overbite. Alex is ready to take on the world with his awesome Cuozzo smile!

01 May

Roza was one of our “early phase treatment” patients. She received a palatal expander and a nightbrace at age 7 to address her underbite. At age 10 Roza was treated with full fixed orthodontic appliances and wore elastics to further correct the underbite. Five years later, she has a beautiful Cuozzo Smile to show off!

01 Apr

Brianna has completed her orthodontic treatment and was rewarded with a beautiful Cuozzo Smile! Brianna’s smile is the result of just two quick years of orthodontic treatment. She wore fixed metal braces, and made sure she brushed and flossed according to Dr. Cuozzo’s instructions in order to get a beautiful end result.

03 Mar

Olivia’s beautiful Cuozzo Smile is the result of just 18 months of orthodontic treatment. She had fixed metal braces, and wears her retainer every night in order to keep her smile perfect.

01 Feb

Benjamin had a two-phase treatment to correct his crossbite and overbite. His treatment started at age 7 with a palate widener, followed by a retainer. At age 10 he had braces on the top and wore a night brace, followed by a full set of braces, including elastics. Because of Ben’s excellent cooperation, we were able to avoid any extractions, and ended up with a beautiful result. Now 21, Ben says… Continue Reading